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We are a newly formed start-up, a Non Profit company that intends to build a tribe of supporters who want to throw their weight behind two causes.

People & The Environment

Government and companies can not everything needed within a society, that is why the Third Sector, the charitable sector exists.  It exists to do what needs doing , and that isn’t being done.  So we have started a new fund raising initiative to raise money for charity.

We also want to help the environment and that is achieved by supporting charities working in that area, but also by awarding prizes that benefit the environment.  Because this platform is structured as a prize draw, with a restricted entry, we will be running repeat draws, so more prizes, and more environmental improvement.


This decade has not started off that great for many reasons, not just Covid.  But I am sure we can all agree there are tremendous opportunities to create a positive impact on lives and on our environment in the months and years to come.

We can’t do Everything but
we can do Something

 You can sometimes feel powerless in the face of such huge environmental problems, and there seems little that we can do apart from protest, and perhaps offer that seemingly drop-in-the-ocean change of consumption habits.

This is our attempt via this Non Profit to do our bit.  Read More

The Big Green Prize Company Ltd

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