Key Facts

Closing date

This is a restricted entry charity linked Prize Draw and the draw closes when the entry limit is reached.  This guarantees the prizes will be won. Progress of the draw will be shown on the entry page. Read more

The Main prize

One winner of an EV of their choice up to £60,000, and the balance in cash.  Or you can green-tech your house with solar panels, a heat pump, battery storage and insulation. Read more

Kickstarter Prizes

If you get in quick you could appear in Kickstarter prize draws before the final draw.  You could win an e-Bike or standard Bike; your choice! We have 4 bikes up to £1,500, 1 super e-bike up to £3,000 and a cash prize too. 

Paid Entry

Support your choice of charitable cause by purchasing multiple entries from 20 up to 200, depening on how much you wish to contribute to the cause.  You can set up an automated monthly entry too.

Free Entry

Our objective is to raise funds for charities.  But you can also get a free entry that stands exactly the same chance of winning as any other single entry.  Just go to the entry page. Read more

Charity Payments

The guaranteed minimum amount is stated on the entry page. The final total will vary depending on the entry choices made by our supporters. Read more

Low Prize Values

Because our prizes are much lower in value than a Lottery it means we can give away more prizes through repeat prize draws.  This will still raise large amounts for charity, and get more green tech into use.  Read more

We are Non Profit

We exist to raise money for charity and improve the environment with green prizes. We are not in it for profit, in fact we don’t have any shareholders. Read more

Trust & Transparency

We promote charity linked Prize Draws in accordance with the Fundraising Regulator Code and ASA Rules. The random draw is independent of us, and all entrants can check their entries online independently of us too.  Read more

Prizes for the Many,
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All the draws on this website are "Prize Draws" and are not  lotteries because entrants have a choice to enter for free.

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