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Independently drawn !

Our partner for this process is Randomness and Integrity Services Limited of Dublin (RIS). The company has been providing services since 1998 and generates the highest quality true randomness using atmospheric noise. The process has been independently verified by standards bodies and testing labs.

The randomness is actually generated by taking randomness from nature.  In particular the atmospheric disturbance created by lightening strikes.  This data is collected from three locations and combined with an algorithm to create true randomness that can not be achieved by a computer programme alone, which, by its nature, can only simulate randomness.

A further key feature of the Service is that RIS create a permanent, immutable record of each Prize Draw. The record will persist independently of us. It will be held by RIS for at least five years.

An entrant (paid for, and free) can access the entry list held by RIS and verify that their entry number was included in a draw.  The data held and displayed by RIS is anonymous.  How to access this is displayed on our previous prize draws page.

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