Full Terms and Conditions can be found here in our Prize Draw Rules

The Prize Draw

Who can enter?

UK residents who are 18 and over.

How many times can I enter?

Up to 500 by purchasing multiple entry bundles.



Do I need to open an account?

No just enter and receive a confirmation email with your entry number.

If you opt for monthly repeat entries an account will be opened for you that will enable you to cancel the repeat entry at any time.



Do you store payment card details?
No, we do not store any payment information. This is handled by our payment gateway partner Stripe.
Why no closing date?

Our prize draw has an entry limit, not a time limit. That guarantees the prizes will be won and guarantees the minimum payment to charities.

The opening date of the draw can be found on the entry page, along with progress towards completion.

The UK Code of Non-broadcast Advertising and Direct Promotional Marketing section 8 paragraph 8.17.4.c says that we are required to demonstrate “that the absence of a closing date will not disadvantage consumers”.  

The choice of an entry limit rather than a closing date is actually to the advantage of consumers as the advertised prize(s) will be won, rather than a lower value cash alternative being awarded to the winner if insufficient ticket sales were made by a closing date.



Won't the duration of the draw be long?

We expect the duration of the prize draw to reduce over time. 

However, the Prize Draw Rules do allow us to close the draw before the entry limit is reached if we think that the draw is taking a disappointingly long period of time.  This would only be done if there had already been sufficient entries to fund the advertised prizes, and make the guaranteed charitable donation. 

This would not disadvantage entrants since the chances of winning would increase.  And whilst the charity payment will be less, a repeat draw would start immediately.  So for example one really long draw that becomes four shorter draws will still benefit the charitable causes to a similar degree.    

The duration of previous draws can be found on the Previous Prize Draws.  


So I might miss the closing date?

If your entry is received just as the draw closes it will be placed into another draw that commences immediately.  All follow-on prize draws have the same prizes and the same rules.  In effect you are entering the prize draw that is open when we process your entry.

You can also set up an automated repeat entry, in case you might forget to re-enter, and continue supporting charitable causes.


What is automatic entry?

When you enter the Prize Draw you can set up a weekly or monthly payment to support the charities and have another chance of winning prizes.

If the Prize Draw you entered with your first entry is still open then you will enter it again, doubling your chance of winning.

If a new Prize Draw is open you will be entered into that. It will have the same prizes and same rules.

You will get a confirmation email every time an automated entry takes place.  You can cancel anytime.


How is my entry confirmed?

You get a confirmation email that contains an one entry number.  That entry number is entered into the draw multiple times, according to the entry bundle you purchased.


How & When is the winner contacted?

The winner is contacted by email withthin 48 hours of the draw taking place. So be sure to give us the correct email address. If we can’t reach the winner by email we will use another method.


How are winners selected?

Not by us !

The winners are selected by a company independent of us, Randomness and Integrity Services Ltd of Dublin. They hold the entry list in an anonymous format and select the winners randomly.

Their selection of a winner is based on a unique randomizing process that uses an algorithm combined with inputs from naturally occurring randomness within nature. In particular the atmospheric disturbance created by lightening strikes.



Will you publish winners details?

Yes, on our website we will have photos, names and location of the winner.

Also raw annoynous data for the draw (Total entry numbers, individual entry numbers, winning numbers) can be seen on the website of the company who undertake the random draw.



Will the main prize be won?

Yes. It is guaranteed.


What if you don't sell enough tickets?

We will sell enough.  Closure of the draw only takes place when there are sufficient entries to fund the draws obligations.  It’s is the speed at which we sell entries that is the key variable.  We expect the speed at which we sell tickets to reduce over time.


Why do you restrict the entries?

For the following reasons.

First, we end of the draw by something other than a closing date in order to guarantee the advertised prizes will be won, and that the guaranteed charity payment will be made.

Also having a restriction means we can set a realistic target for fundraising.

A realistic target means the duration of the draw will not be overly long.

We  expect that a realistic target will be seen as achievable by our entrants and supporters.  

Realistic targets ensure that the odds of winning are better than if we had multi-million pound prizes.

Finally, we want quick turn around, repeat draws, so that we get more eco friendly tech into use with as many people as possible,  while still supporting charities. 


What are the odds of winning?

Every single individual entry has the same chance of winning, but each entrants chance of winning depends on how many entries they hold compared to the number of entries held by other entrants.  Also, while the number of entries is fixed, the number of entrants will vary in each draw as a result of the variation in entry bundle selection.

It may be that after we have run a few prize draws the entry bundle purchase profile will settle, and  we may be able to quote the chance of winning for an average entrant.

Final point, our prize values are modest when compared to a lottery.  So the odds of winning a desirable prize are much better than some alternatives.  


Where are the detailed list Prize Entry Rules?

They are linked under Legal at the bottom of every page, but you can also click here.





Free Entry

Can I get free entry?

Yes you can get free entry as this is not a Lottery, which are controlled by the Gambling Act 2005. This is a Prize Draw as it complies with Schedule 1 of the Act, paragraph 8(1)(b)(ii);

There is a nominal fee covering the cost of your details being added  to the system so you are treated like a paid entrant.  You will get a confirmation email with your entry number; just like a paid entrant.  And the nominal fee is less than a second class stamp and a post card.

Go to Free Entry


Why the small fee ?

In order to get a free entry you have to communicate, or send us, your details. Traditionally that would be by posting an entry.  Which is a bit inconvenient and costs 68p.

But this is an online only draw.  Your free entry entry is processed exactly the same as a paid entry.  This means you will receive an entry number, and you can check that it has been entered in a draw just like a paying entrant.  These are not things a 68p postal entry can provide, had we decided to allow postal entries.

So you pay the minimum required amount for online processing of your entry by our service providers; 40p.  Cheaper than a stamp and postcard an more convenient.  


What is automatic free entry ?

Just like a paid Paid Entry you can communicate your desire for a Free Entry automatically. You choose the weekly or monthly option when you enter.

If the Prize Draw you requested entry to with your first communication is still open then you will enter it again, increasing your chance of winning.

If a new Prize Draw is open you will be entered into that and it will have the same prizes and same rules.

You will get a confirmation email every time an automated Free Entry takes place.  You can cancel at anytime.  Each automated repeated communication incurs the same communication fee. 


Are free entries restricted in any way?

 A single free entry stands the exact same chance of winning as a single entry by the paid method.

You are restricted to a maximum number of 500 free entries, the same limit as paid entries.


Why can't I enter by post?

Prize draws have traditionally allowed entry by communicating your details via a hand written post card.  As an organisation with the environment in mind our method of communicating free entry fits with our ethos; no paper or card carried in diesel lorries, stored, and then eventually destroyed.

This is therefore an  online entry only prize draw.  

The nominal communication fee for your entry is less than the cost of a second class stamp and post card, and is more convenient.

Also,  this method of communicating free entry ensures the following;

  • your entry gets managed exactly the same as a paid entry
  • you get an entry number
  • you can check online if you have been entered into a draw
  • you can automate a repeated free entry, same nominal fee
  • and, you don’t have to find a pen
  • or walk to the post box
  • zero risk of your entry being lost or delayed on the way to us
  • and it is cheaper than a postal entry, and it’s better for the environment. 


Main Prize - EV Choice

Which EV can I have as a prize?

Any car up to the value of £60,000 on sale at a UK car dealership.  The balance of the £60,000 is paid to the winner in cash.

If the winner wants an EV that is due to be released onto the market but is not yet available, this vehicle can also be the prize as long as dealers are accepting deposits.  This choice is likely to delay the payment of the cash balance as this will not take place until the cost of the vehicle is known and an order has been placed.

For the avoidance of doubt the prize choice can not be a hybrid electric vehicle.


When will the main prize be delivered?

The prize will be awarded within 28 days of the prize draw.  Delivery of EVs are not in the control of us though, as that depends on car dealer stock levels.  However we will place and order and pay the deposit within 28 days.   


Who orders and pays for the car?

We order the car of your choice, with your choice of specification, we pay the deposit, and we pay the balance when it is ready for delivery.  The balance due on the purchase is held in an Escrow account pending delivery.


Can I change my choice of car?

The winner will need to send a written confirmation of the car they wish to be their prize. Once we place the order based on that instruction it can not be changed as we will be committed to the purchase.


When is the cash balance is paid?

The cash element of the prize is paid to the winner once they have decided on the car they want as their prize, and an order has been placed. 

If the car has not been released onto the market and dealers are only taking reservation deposits, the cash balance will not be paid until a formal order has been made  with the dealer. 


What about servicing & insurance?

You are resposible for servicing and insurance. But remember there is a cash element of your prize where the car costs less than £60,000. This is paid to you before the car is delivered and and so can be used for insurance.

Is there a cash alternative?

There is no cash alternative, except where the winners circumstances prevent delivery of the Main Prize, which is where the winner is ;
(1) unable to obtain insurance,
(2) not being in possession of a full driving licence for a car or being temporarily banned from driving. In this case the awarding of the prize can be delayed as an alternative to receiving the cash alternative.


Main Prize - Green Home Choice

What is a green home upgrade?

Spend up to £60,000.  With this you can specify an upgrade in accordance with your wishes, and appropriate for your property.  Any money not spent will be received in cash. 

Choose all, or some, of the following; solar panels, a heat pump, battery storage.  And, if your home does not already have it, don’t forget the low-tech green upgrade of wall and loft insulation or double glazing.  


When will the upgrade take place?

We will arrange for a home inspection to take place within 28 days, or on another date by arrangement with you.  A recommendation will then be made regarding the most appropriate installation.  Following this, suppliers will be sourced for the equipment and fitting.

The timing of fitting will be within the control of the various suppliers.

If you have already determined the best solution for your property, then that can be the starting point rather than a home survey.


Who orders and pays for the work?

The winner will enter a contract of supply with the relevant contractors.  We will pay the suppliers directly.  The cost of the works to be undertaken will be transferred into an Escrow account. 


Can I change or cancel my choice of work to be done?

This is something beyond our control as it will depend upon the contractual obligations imposed by the relevant suppliers when the order was placed.  


When is the cash balance is paid?

When the contracts with suppliers have been signed, and the installation cost becomes fixed, we will pay the required deposits, and transfer the remaining cash balance into the winners bank account, less the value final payments due on the installations.

If contracts for supply are signed, but the final cost is subject to change, the sum transferred to the winners bank account will also be reduced by a suitable retention to cover the potential cost increases.


Is there a cash alternative?

There is no cash alternative.  But remember part of the prize will be in cash depending on the cost of the work to be undertaken. 


I am moving or thinking of moving?

The prize can be held over until you move.  But no part of the prize fund can be used for the purchase of your new home.  It can only be used for green tech improvements after you have moved in.  The prize fund will be held in and Escrow account in the meantime.


I live in a flat / I live in rented accommodation?

This prize would not be an appropriate choice.


Kickstarter Prizes

What are Kickstarter Prizes?

Early entrants are included in Kickstarter Prize Draws.  The six prizes are;  £1,000 cash, 4 e-bikes of up to £1,500, and one Super e-bike worth up to £3,000.

The choice of bike is yours. And if you would prefer a regular non-electric bike you can substitute that as your preference. 

If your choice is less than the prize value the balance is paid in cash. You can choose a bike that costs more than prize, but you have to pay the extra cost.

Winners are notified in the same way as the winner of the main prize.

Delivery is subject to supplier stock, but orders will be placed within 28 days of the draw.

The cash prize can be transferred to the bank account of your choice, or added to a pre-paid Mastercard. 


Is there a cash alternative?




How much do the charities get?

The estimated total value of the fundraising available for our partner charity or charities is shown on our Entry Page. The guaranteed minimum is also shown.

The exact amounts will be shown on the Previous Draw page of the website. 


Is there a formal agreement with charities?

Yes, we have a commitment to pay the guaranteed minimum to Stewardship Services (UKET) Limited. They are a registered charity no. 234714 (Registered office: 1 Lamb’s Passage, London EC1Y 8AB). 

Established in 1906 Stewardship help to efficiently manage charitable giving, managing £88m in net fund balances and distributing £1.5m to their partner charities. 

They will be managing our funds raised for onward distribution, at our request, to charities that align with the the causes selected by entrants.   


Will the charities change?

Stewardship Services (Charity no. 234714), will be the beneficiary charity for all prize draws.  They will be managing our funds raised for charitable causes, for onward distribution, at our request, to charities that align with the the causes selected by entrants.  

Operating in this way enables us to have a compliant stable charitable giving prize draw platform, but also affords us the opportunity to support a number of charities, large and small, who operate within the charitable causes identified by entrants. 


Do you only support big international charities?

We have the flexibility to support charities of all sizes.  They need to be registered with the UK Charities Commission though, and be approved by Stewardship Services.



Can our charity be supported by you?

Please get in touch with us via our contact form and we can have a conversation.

Your charity needs to be registered with the Charities Commission,  the Fundraising Regulator and be a partner of Stewardship Services.



Who are Big Green Prize

We are a Non Profit company !

We are a limited by guarantee company, The Big Green Prize Company Ltd, and registered in England & Wales (Reg No. 13392114).  That means we do not have any shareholders who we are obliged to make a profit for.

We will make a profit from the prize draws we are running, and that profit will pay for the prizes, advertising and admin, and the surplus will be donated to the charitable causes identified by entrants.



If you are non profit why not be a charity?

You can not actually run this kind of fund raising activity as a charity.  Even charities who undertake commercial activity to raise income have to establish a trading subsidiary company to do it. (Unless of course the type of trading is part of their charitable objectives in their articles of association.)


Does it cost a charity to partner with you?

No.  Charities receive a donation.


Are you registered with the Data Protection Registrar?

Yes. You can check our registration; enter Big Green Prize on the ICO form here


Are you registered with the Fundraising Regulator?

We are a start-up and will register after 12 months of operating, which is the earliest registration point for a new organisation.

We comply with the Fundraising Regulator code, and we only raise funds for charities that are themselves registered with the Fundraising Regulator.


I have something to ask?

Comments, suggestions, enquiries, complaints can be communicated via our contact form .

Our complaints procedure is found here.


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