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Prizes for the many not the few !

There is nothing wrong with having a multi-million pound prize for the winner.  Lotteries and Prize-Draws with large value prizes are very popular, and those prizes are transformational.  They also raise substantial funds for charities.  And we cheer on their efforts and ethos.  However our approach is different.

We want to promote the uptake of environmentally friendly technology.  Be that a fully electric car, or a home green-tech upgrade.  Our main prize, although valuable to the winner, is just £60,000.  That being the case, we require far fewer entrants.  But as we build interest in our prize draws, that means we can repeat the draw over and over again.  When that happens we will have many winners, and pass substantial funds on to worthy causes.

And many winners means more green tech in use, changing the environmental landscape.  This is as much part of our objective as raising money for charitable causes.  

Our Prize fund is £70,000.  Our charity guarantee is £25,000, and the theoretical maximum is £309,713.  The minimum being 21.7% of the prize draw revenue, and the maximum  is 77.5%.  The balance being overheads, advertising and administration. 

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